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Bay-Metro Tribune-Chronicle

Your title here…NABO returns to his roots with a Hardcore FFZ Concert in SOUTH OAKLAND

by Razordredd

Nabo, the slot-and-run GobMetal hero of the Oakland Sprawl has broken through to the Luxury Suite chummers! The former Black Fang sprawlgang soldier broke free from the gravity well of the Oakland Sprawl Barrens, and howled his way onto a railgun-fast suborbital track to fame, fortune, and Obsidian-Class Suites.

To thank the sprawlmasses who chipped his music, Nabo is holding a concert somewhere in the South Oakland Zone. We’re talking Gamma Ray Intensity and Subzero Chill, shadowbabies. South Oakland is Free Fire, and most definitely not for Telegraph Hill Arcoexecs. Nabo is not “respectable music”, Nabo is REAL, downtown, harsh, urban violent, Kamikaze-straight-to-the-heart in your ears.

Nabo’s South Oakland Storm is gonna hit on Friday. That’s 16JUN2073! Nabo’s world tour begins at Danzigwand in the Köln Sprawl, Germany on 24JUN2073, Tickets are sold-out, but we know there are still ways to make this last, greatest CFS Concert before Nabo suborbitals his way around the globe for the rest of the year. Break your piggybanks, this concert won’t be Barrens-cheap, but it will be plasma-carved into GobMetal Legend. You don’t want to frag-up and miss this!

Chip-Truth Chummers!

Back In the Game
Returning to the Shadows after a year


On the Run Part 1


Hai-iro Usagi

Following months of sporadic, unsatisfying and ultimately unprofitable work, Kill-Face, Ravensight, and Hai-iro Usagi finally get the call they’ve been waiting for. Oilslick has lined up a job for them, and some new runners in the sprawl. Spark, an Ork Street Samurai, Override, an Ork Hacker, and Uluru, a Dwarf Shaman. Promising an opportunity for some of the runners to begin rebuilding their reputation, and for others to lay the foundation of their own street Legends.

Oilslick instructed the runners to meet with Mister Johnson at the INFINITY club at 2100 hours later that same evening. Dress like they know what they’re doing, and by all means, be professional. After all, there are only first impressions, and Oilslick has his own image to worry about. The meeting went off with a minimum of hassle, despite Override attempting to attend remotely through the Matrix, but it was a minor faux-pas.

Mister Johnson has instructed the Shadowrunners to track down and acquire a very old optical disk with musical data of which his client is interested. He has offered the runners ¥10,000, half in advance and half upon delivery of the disk and the data. Johnson emphasized the importance of returning with both the disk and the data, and furthermore ensure that any copies of the data would be destroyed.

The excitement began after, as the runners began their legwork to uncover leads to the mysterious disk. Spark while swinging by the safehouse where he stashed his Ingram Smartgun before the meeting at the Infinity, encountered a half-dozen members of the Harpers go-go-go gang, who were also using the safehouse. Spark, with the assistance of Override and Kill-Face made a (non-lethal) example of the Elf Gangers, and while still causing an immediate and aggressive reaction from Knight-Errant (Knight-Errant tends to take a dim view of exploding Motorcycles in the AA rated SOMA neighborhood), came away unscathed and clean.

After the excitement, the legwork paid off, and the runners uncovered a name associated with the disk, an Ork rocker that goes by the handle Nabo.

Screamsheet Headline Stories

Bay-Metro Tribune-Chronicle


Commuter Vanishes From BART in Grizzly Peak Tunnel. Sixth Since 01JAN

by Jesse Duke

The Bay Metro Area Rapid Tranit system has seen its share of urban crime and urban legend in its long and storied history. In the Sixth World, even the previously supernatural and impossible have become rather mundane. (Remember the pack of Ghouls prowling the line from Hayward to Colma three years ago?) It seems everyone who rides the trains have their share of stories about muggings, fights, and Prophets preaching to nobody and everyone at once. Yet there are still those stories that have no explanations yet.. even Awakened explanations. They remain stories heard from a friend of a friend whose cousin witnessed it. This story has a little of each of these elements.

What is known is that the victims are real. Security trideo footage clearly shows each of them riding the train as it enters the Grizzly Peak Tunnel. In each case, the security feed goes dark somewhere in the tunnel and when the feed comes back, the victims were gone. Attempts to discover what happened, or even find trace of the victims. Eyewitness accounts from the streetfolk who ride the trains from morning till night describe a monster that walks through the walls, seizing it’s victims and carrying them off. Physical descriptions vary, likely colored by their need for attention or BTL and Drug induced hallucinations. Whatever it is, after six months, despite Knight-Errant BART division’s public relation’s efforts a new term is being whispered among the commuter crowds riding the train between Rockridge and Orinda.

“Haunted Tunnel”.

Screamsheet Headline Stories

Bay-Metro Tribune-Chronicle


Goldman announces candidacy for Free Republic Party Nomination

by Trey Zpydyr

Tribune-Chronicle Political Analyst

Local Media Personality and former Child-Actor Cary Goldman announced his candidacy for the Free Republic Party nomination for President of California Free State this afternoon during an interview with Sabrina Fawxx on her interview trid “Fawxxy ‘Trix”.

Fawxx: Hoi and Welcome to the Program Cary. I understand you have a special announcement today.

Goldman: Indeed I do Sabrina. I, Cary Goldman am officially announcing my candidacy for President of California Free State on the Free Republic Party ticket! Our nation has been through a difficult Genesis; abandoned, attacked, and occupied. Now, President Ortiz and her heir apparent, Vice President August Chandler are leading us towards a renewed conflict with Tir Tairngire. CalFree has proven herself strong already, we do not need to distract ourselves from the work of forging a new national identity with saber-rattling and troop deployments. California is the Golden State! Here, we can rebuild industry and an economy that can lead the world! Chip-Truth. Just read your history. This nation is the birthplace of the Matrix, of Aerospace, of Dreams. That is our destiny, our calling. To lead the world. Petty border squabbles are beneath us.

Fawxx: How about the Japanese Imperial State? Many Californians still bear resentment over the Occupation and Keiji Saito’s attempted coup. Especially the Metahuman community.

Goldman: Being a Dwarf myself I experienced my own share of Yamato Ideal discrimination. But I feel I must stress the difference between the actions of Saito, especially his November 2061 coup attempt, and the actions of the Diet, which negotiated in good faith a peaceful withdrawal earlier that same year.

Fawxx: So you hold the JIS blameless for 30 years of occupation?

Goldman: Of course not! And I wholly support the grievances forwarded by the California Free State against the Japanese Imperial State. The JIS should rightly be held accountable for their part in the Occupation, but there comes a point where the actions of an individual, when condemned by all sides in a dispute, become the responsibility of that individual. I won’t burden the Japanese Imperial State, Renraku, Mitsuhama, or any of the Japanese Megacorps with the sins of Keiji Saito.

Fawxx: What is your vision of the future of the California Free State?

Goldman: It will be brighter. Californians have a long tradition of being independent, visionary, and entrepreneurial. When that spirit is allowed to flourish, California leads the world. When it’s stifled, California suffers. A whole Generation of Californians have grown up with their hands tied. I want to free them from that. Our Economy and our Industry needs a jumpstart, and I intend to apply the cables.

Fawxx: It’s hard to believe this is all coming from “Truman”.

Goldman: “Truman” was a long time ago, Sabirna. We’ve all grown up since then, we’ve had good times and bad, and we’ve learned from them. Truman used to say “You can trust me” for laughs. Cary Goldman is saying “You can trust me” for a reason. The California Free State can trust me. I’ll prove it, every day I’m in office I’ll earn California’s trust.

Fawxx: Looks like the Election is going to be another California Original! Thank you for coming on the show Cary.

Vice President Chandler made the following statement later in the day;

It is always refreshing to see new faces arrive in our political system. I welcome Mister Goldman and applaud his obvious civic pride and generous spirit in seeking to serve his country. I would like to make one thing clear, that Mister Goldman may not be aware of yet. I am no “heir apparent” to the California Sovereignty Party’s Presidential ticket, nor have I announced my candidacy. With tensions in the Disputed Zone higher than any point since the Tir Tairngire Invasion of 2036, negotiations with the Corporate Court re-establishing California’s Trade Rights, and the continued aftermath of the Crash of ‘64 and the Ring of Fire Quakes of ‘69, my job is simply too busy to allow me the luxury of starting a Presidential Campaign two years early.

If and when I do decide to run for our highest office, it will be as a candidate. One of what I hope to be several qualified individuals in the California Sovereignty Party that the voting public will choose from to lead us beyond 2074 and into the future.

Vice President Chandler declined any further comment on the issue, and rushed to board California Free 2 for a 10 day diplomatic trip to the Canton Confederation, the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, and Taiwan.

Swimming for Shore
*Black Tide* Session 2

14JUN2072 – TUESDAY 00:00 Hours


Hai-iro Usagi





After fragging up the abduction of Pavel Chernenko at his home, the runners hauled some hoop and beat their target to his next destination; the Black Tide Compound in San Leandro. With two minutes to spare the runners made some quick recon of the area (where Usagi had a close personal encounter with the Black Tide’s Black IC patrolling their little corner of the ‘trix) and set an ambush. Their plan was simple.. hide and wait for the Nightsky to show up, rush the car when the bodyguards opened the doors, pray to the Spirits that it’s ballsy and foolish enough to work.


Chernenko’s Nightsky pulls up as expected and the runners take position. When the doors open, they spring into action. Usagi sprints to the back of the car and rips off a pair of shots from his Yamaha Pulsar at the first bodyguard. The taser fails to incapacitate the giant human, but does give him a bad case of the twitches. The guard tries returning fire, but surprise and involuntary muscle contractions throw off his aim. Ravensight follows close on Usagi’s heels and takes a position on the other side of the trunk.. waiting for targets to emerge on that side. Kill-Face takes a defensive position at the corner of the building, her Remington Shotgun blasting the drek out of the open door of the car. IronSight, in a classic display of “letting your balls do the thinking” rushes the rear doors and at point-blank range lets his Ruger Warhawk start driving nails into the two bodyguards sitting on either side of Chernenko. The near guard suffers a very nasty GSW in the chest… the explosive magnum round tearing through his Lined Coat. The bodyguard on the other side is lucky enough to only be grazed, and dives out his door for some extra cover, only to suddenly fall victim to Ravensight’s spell, and melt into a puddle of Goo dripping from the floorboards. The Driver of the car dives for cover, torn between shooting Shadowrunners and screaming for help through his Commlink. The remaining guard, bleeding heavily through his shirt pulls his Fichetti Security 600 and returns fire on IronSight. The smaller pistol proves to be much less effective against the Adept’s Lined Coat than the Warhawk’s explosive rounds were against his own armor. While all this occurs, Kill-Face charges the car from her position at the corner.. blasting away with her shotgun the whole time, but the angry flechettes are frustratingly ineffective against the armored bodyguards. She empties the shotgun’s magazine and drops it to the ground, going for one of her Preadator IVs to finish the job.

Kill-Face pressing her advantage, jamms the barrel of the Preadator into the guard’s kidneys and pulls the trigger, only to discover that his Lined Coat is worth every Nuyen he paid for it. Ravensight casts a second spell upon the Nightsky’s Driver before he can fight back, or return fire but the spell fails to affect him. Seeing this, Usagi climbs over the roof of the car and fires his taser at the driver, missing as his target drops prone and scrambles under the vehicle for more cover. IronSight continues to trade fire at point blank range with the guard in the back seat. IronSight’s Warhawk proving to be more effective, tearing through the bodyguard’s armor while the Fichetti’s light ammo continues to flatten against the Adept’s lined coat. Badly wounded, the bodyguard drops his gun in surrender, rather than face more fire from IronSight’s smoking Magnum. Even as the combat swirls around the vehicle, Kill-Face’s wired reflexes permit her to aim her Preadator at her target’s face, but just as she pulls the trigger disaster strikes. The bodyguard, in a desperate attempt to save his life, spins wildly away from the gun, batting the barrel with a flailing arm. Kill-Face’s shot goes wide and slams into the inside of the armored car, ricocheting into Chernenko’s throat, and causing a spray of blood to fountain from the dwarf’s throat. Cursing her Karma, Kill-Face turns her attention to the driver cowering under the car, dropping to the ground, grabbing him and dragging him out, giving the hapless Mafioski a very healthy charge from her shock glove. Ravensight witnessing Chernenko’s wound, immediately calls for her healing earth spirit “Rocky” from where it waits in Astral space to attend to her valuable, mortally wounded asset. Rocky tries, but fails to stabalize Chernenko, announcing to the Shaman that even though it can stop the bleeding, it cannot return breath to the dwarf’s lungs. Ravensight, desperate, and running out of options, releases her initial victim from her Turn to Goo spell, and dives into the car, casting her own healing spell in a final bid to save Chernenko’s life. Her effort succeeds, and the dwarf begins breathing on his own. The rest of the runners pull the remaining bodyguards from the car and steal it with the unconscious Pavel Chernenko. As they speed off, the guards stagger to their feet in shock, calling urgent reports to their bosses. The entire abduction takes less than 10 seconds.

With Kill-Face at the wheel, the Runners speed out of San Leandro, and immediately begin an urgent search for a safe place to hide and ditch the bullet-ridden and blood-drenched vehicle. Ravensight tells everyone that Chernenko is gravely wounded and needs a hospital. Unwilling to give up the target they’ve worked so hard to secure, they brainstorm options. A street-doc, if they can find one would charge far more than they’re making for this run. Ravensight suggests a safehouse she knows of in the South Oakland Free Fire Zone where they can hole up and plan their next move. En route Kill-Face contacts Eddie Edwards in the hopes of possibly securing a Street Doc “for a favor”, but instead Edwards suggests that she simply slap a stimpatch on the near comatose Pavel Chernenko and interrogate him. Everyone agrees it’s a dangerous option, and the Stimpatch could kill Chernenko in his current state, but Usagi points out that Chernenko might have his own emergency medical resources, and they can use that as a lever to interrogate him; “Tell us what we want to know and we’ll make sure you get medical help.”.

The safehouse in South Oakland is little more than a gutted abandoned office building. The “safe” part is on the second floor, where there are some cots, mattresses and tables. Ravensight and IronSight are sent to make the dwarf as comfortable as possible while Kill-Face and Usagi head to the “Midnight Doc” 24 hour pharmacy to pick up supplies. Usagi Grabs a variety of things in addition to the strongest Stimpak he could find (SecondWind brand Stimulant Slap Patch from Medic-in-a-Box) including stuffers, a couple of towels, and some beach clothes for Ravensight and IronSight to change into since their clothes are covered in someone else’s blood.

When Usagi and Kill-Face return to the safe house, they hide the Nightsky as best as possible, driving it through a breach in the first floor wall and roughly concealing it with some discarded temporary cubicle walls. Ravensight took advantage of the distraction to run through Chernenko’s pockets and releive him of a 7000¥ Certified Credstick. After briefly discussing the direction their interrogation will take, the stimpatch was applied, and Chernenko bolted to consciousness, hacking out blood and brief words from his ruined throat. To save him further trauma, Kill-Face connected her Datajack to his to provide non-vocal communication and with Usagi keeping a sharp eye on Chernenko’s PAN just in case the old Dwarf attempts a clandestine call for help, the runners procedded to begin their questioning.

Faced with either receiving desperately needed emergency medical attention and the prospect of almost certain agonizing death, Chernenko chose to be cooperative, giving the runners his personal log-in codes, and detailed information about his office in room 601 of the Black Tide Bratva’s headquarters. The runners let the stimpatch wear off, and as promised, slapped the panic button on Chernenko’s DocWagon bracelet. Then in the stolen Nightsky, cloaked by an Improved Invisibility spell from Ravensight, the runners sped back to the Black Tide HQ, on the hope that the gang would never expect anyone to be so foolhardy as to strike twice in the same night.

Surpisingly, their plan to hide the invisible Nightsky in plain sight and infiltrate the building through the roof succeeded without any more issues than a tense moment or two of hiding from patrolling guards. Ravensight remained in the car and maintained her spell while the remaining runners silently (well, sort-of-silently in Kill-Face’s case) climbing the old fire-escape to the roof and sneaking their way past the automated security to Apartment 601. Usagi quickly and efficiently downloaded the paydata while Kill-Face and IronSight secured the hardcopy records of the Black Tide’s finances. A second trip back down the fire escape, and the runners get away (almost) clean. They ditch the Nightsky somewhere in San Leandro and IronSight torches it. Usagi quickly contacts Mister Johnson to arrange a final drop and the runners all leave for their respective flats and what they believe to be a well deserved rest.

IronSight is not asleep even two and a half hours when Brimstone gives him an emergency Comm. Brimstone has just learned that Knight-Errant has dispatched a Special Squad from the Organized Crime Task Force in Sacramento, and all the runners’ faces are tagged to be arrested and secured for questioning. Knowing it will take less than an hour for the Squad to arrive in the Bay Metro, and not much longer for Knight-Errant to find each of them and start kicking in doors, Usagi sets up an emergency drop at the Treasure Island MUNI Transit Hub at dawn. Mister Johnson agrees to send representatives, and the runners all arrive at about the same time.

Just as the runners spot Mister Johnson’s proxies in the milling early-bird commuter crowd, a Knight-Errant Aerodyne roars in, lights flashing and sirens blaring. Loudspeakers shout orders for all civilians to kneel and stay still. Almost all of the wageslaves in the terminal immediately comply, and the streetfolk, disturbed from their naps, immediately scatter in all directions, praying that Knight-Errant isn’t looking specifically for them this morning. Usagi and Kill-Face freeze, IronSight quietly slips into the shadows, in the hopes that he’ll go unnoticed and Ravensight casts and Invisibility spell on herself, evoking an immediate response of taser fire which misses and escalates the situation dangerously. Usagi offers a way to calm the whole situation by asking why K-E is after them. After several moments of very tense negotiation (where Usagi simultaneously talks Ravensight into complying with the K-E squad while tossing simultaneous insults at them. The Knight-Errant Lieutenant demands the Black Tide Data be handed over. Usagi bluffs that the Hardcopies in his hands are fake but that he’ll have the true paydata delivered to a location in the Financial district in San Francisco. The runners with the exception of IronSight ultimately agree to come peaceably. Knight-Errant takes them on board the Aerodyne along with the Hardcopy of the paydata and makes the short hop across the Bay. Kill-Face quietly palms the recovered Hardcopies while Usagi’s bluffing successfully distracts the Lieutanant and his squad. Once on the ground Usagi plays his last bluff, copying the digital Paydata to an optical chip and handing it over to the K-E Lieutenant, satisfying him. With threats traded for insults, the Knight-Errant Squad leaves the Runners in the middle of the Financial District.

The Runners quickly reconnect with Mister Johnson and finally manage the drop, earning their pay and a small bonus. Too tired to celebrate, each returns home to finally get some well-earned rack-time.

Diving In The Deep End
*Black Tide* Session 1

12JUN2072 – SUNDAY





Hai-iro Usagi


The Runners are invited by their contacts to meet Mr. Johnson in the Irasshaimase! Sushi Bar at 2330 that night. According to the contacts, the job is a way for them to get into the Shadows (as Angelo tells Usagi), easy Nuyen (as Oilslick tells IronSight and Ravensight, or a means for Edwards to start establishing a reputation for Kill-Face. The runners make preparations for the late-night meeting.

At 2230, Hai-iro Usagi, arrives at the restaurant, and is greeted by a booming “IRASSHAIMASE!!” by Raijin, the Troll dishwasher and sometimes-bouncer. Angelo rolls his eyes and asks Raijin to “wash more dishes”. It’s a slow night, and Usagi orders Shioyaki (grilled salmon) from the “special menu”.

At 2315, a middle-aged male humman arrives, he is balding, with a light brown and grey mustache wearing a smartly-pressed suit and A/R Glasses. He doesn’t react when Raijin greets him with another enthusiastic shout of “IRASSHAIMASE!”. While Angelo rolls his eyes and curses softly in Japanese, the waitress Brandy greets the patron much more appropriately and takes him to a small booth. The man sits quietly, and sips tea.

At 2325, Kill-Face, IronSight, and Ravensight all arrive at the Light-Rail station just outside the restaurant. When they enter, Raijin’s enthusiastic greeting doesn’t phase them (Kill-Face has dealt with loud Trolls before, and keeps her Wired Reflexes in check). They tell Brandy that they’re with the Johnson Party, and are seated in the booth. Usagi, with silent encouragement from Angelo joins them.

Brandy pours Sake for the table, and Mister Johnson raises his glass, silently inviting the others to do so as well. He finishes his drink and gets right to business. Johnson lays a 5000¥ Certified Credstick on the table. Next to the Credstick he sets an Optical Chip.

“If you want the money, you’ll take the chip. I want to hire you for a job. It’s urgent and pays well. Time is of the essence, the faster the job is completed, the more you’ll be paid. Details are on the chip.”

Usagi slots the chip, looping the other runners into the LAN so they can all scan the data together. It contains a short bio of one Pavel Chernenko. The Dwarf is a Russian, born in St. Petersburg in 2011 and came to California to attend UC Berkeley as a Graduate Student studying Financial Engineering in 2034. He has no criminal record, but is a known associate of Gregori Volkov, the boss of the Black Tide Bratva (r.”Brotherhood”) in Oakland.

A second display opens with a new file; a Knight-Errant report on the Black Tide, it’s territories and operations. The Black Tide primarily operates in Western San Leandro, expanding into the Souther areas of South Oakland and all of San Lorenzo. They are involved with Gambling, Smuggling, Prostitution and Loansharking.

Pavel Chernenko is identified as the Black Tide’s Bookkeeper. His residence is listed as a large house in the “Caspian” community of Lake Merritt (a Rating A Zone). The objective is to confiscate and deliver to Mister Johnson all of Black Tide’s financial records, both digital AND hardcopy that Chernenko keeps. Payment upon delivery will be in the sum of 10,000¥ plus up to a 5000¥ bonus if the objective is completed before Midnight 16JUN2072. Once the objective is secured, the runners are to contact Mr. Johnson to arrange a time and place to make the exchange.

Usagi begins almost immediately, the Technomancer diving into the Matrix and searching for any local data that can be gleaned about the Black Tide Bratva. In the middle of his Datasearch, he attracts the unwanted attention of a Knight-Errant Matrix Specialist, but manages to Stealth by him before the cop can make an identification. Usagi doesn’t stop, and gathers more data, confident in his ability to keep the cop off his trail. The cop, however attracts his own attention from other unknown elements in the Matrix, resulting in a long train of icons circling each other, seeking to make a clear ID. IronSight entered the Matrix at the last minute and finished Usagi’s Black Tide queries, and both runners jacked out of the Matrix before being identified.

While Usagi analyzed the data, uncovering a network of Matrix Nodes used by the Black Tide for communication, commerce (both legal and illegal), and a “hub” in the form of a hidden node, IronSight contacted Brimstone, a friend of his and a Knight-Errant Matrix Cop. Brimstone forwarded the Black Tide Bratva file from the K-E Bay Metro Organized Crime Task Force. Both files allowed the Runners to identify the realspace location where the hidden “hub” node is most likely located. An apartment complex in the heart of San Leandro. However, the building is listed as “Condemned”. Still IronSight and Kill-Face decide to take a look at it for themselves during the day and report back to Ravensight and Usagi that evening.

13JUN2072 – MONDAY

1330 hours. IronSight and Kill-Face head to the Black Tide’s condemned Apartment Building. Going through the worst parts of San Leandro, they end up deep in the territory of the San Leandro Raiderz Sprawlgang. They get to a vantage point that provides them a view of the building and discover that it’s very sturdy indeed. Almost a Fortress in and of itself. The building sits on a lot between the abandoned Union Pacific railroad tracks, and the Cal-Free High Speed Rail. All around there is nothing but empty, dirt covered lots for a block on all sides. Next to the building, in one of the abandoned lots, a collection of cars are parked. Most are mid-range, serviceable vehicles, but some are very expensive sports and luxury models. High end Lexus and BMWs, even a Mitsubishi Nightsky. The pair of runners look for and find a squatter sleeping in a nearby abandoned building, and Kill-Face “interrogates” him at the end of her shotgun barrel. The terrified squatter tells her that there is activity in the Apartment building at all hours of the night and day, but it slacks off a bit a couple of hours before dawn.

While Kill-Face and IronSight do legwork in San Leandro, Usagi does his own investigation, tracking down the owner of the property the Apartment is located on. it is held in Trust to Roman Volkov, the 12 year old son of Gregori and Natasha Volkov. Furthermore the property was purchased from the Trust account in 2050, 9 years before Roman was born. The history of the building reveals that it was condemned in 2050, and stood vacant ever since. A cross-reference reveals that the building had regular visits from Law Enforcement (unsurprising, since abandoned buildings are regularly the scenes of crime, trespassing and vagrancy.) from 2050 through 2059. After 2060 however, there have been no reports of any Law Enforcement units dispatched to the site.

1600 hours. The runners return to Ravensight’s flat where she lives with her mother and siblings to discuss what they’ve uncovered. At first, they considered returning to the Apartment Complex for further reconnaissance, but instead chose to rent a car using Kill-Face’s Fake SIN and some of the advance Nuyen to pay a visit to Chernenko’s home in Lake Merritt. The runners wait until night, then head into the A rated zone to scope out Chernenko’s home, and hopefully catch him there.

2200 hours. The runners, in their rented Mercury Comet, drive through Lake Merritt looking for the “Caspian” community (a planned gated residential community for those who can afford it). Usagi does some Matrix reconnaissance and finds the standard security procedures for entering the community. He compiles a Sprite and gives it the task of intercepting the check-in call from the guard station to the Chernenko residence and rerouting it to his personal node (since he’s a Technomancer, he will be able to communicate with the intercepted comm without actually speaking). But Kill-Face proves to be up to the task of conning the security guard, and the Mercury Comet is allowed through the gate.

2215 hours. The runners find Chernenko’s house, and note that both vehicles registered to Chernenko are present in the driveway. One is a Lexus Model G1200 Luxury SUV, and the other is a Mistubishi Nightsky (which Kill-Face and IronSight believe to be the same Nightsky they saw in San Leandro). A third car, a Ford Pride (the same model sedan as the Mercury Comet) is parked across the street. A quick check of the license plate shows that it’s registered to a company “Bay Metro Foreign Imports” as a fleet vehicle. The Runners park behind the Ford, and Ravensight Astrally Projected to take a look inside the house.

Ravensight’s plan fell apart almost from the beginning. She let her concentration slip when attempting to decipher the foreign-language printed newspaper the bodyguard in the front room was reading, and passed through his aura with her Astral Form. The guard, alerted to something being “not right” checked the front door and spotted the Runner’s rented car. The alarm is sounded and the guards immediately start ushering Chernenko and his wife to the garage. The Runners in the car hear the oncoming sirens of the Caspian Private Security, and Ravensight returns to her body. Usagi retasks his spirit to place a Watermark on the vehicle’s onboard GPS, and the Runners take off to avoid the security guards converging on them.

It quickly becomes apparent that the security guards are tracking the Runner’s car through the network of cameras stationed all over the community. Usagi quickly shuts down the cameras, and Kill-Face loses the pursuing security guards for a moment. She drives the car to the front of the community to discover the gate is closed off, trapping them. With some encouragement from her team, Kill-Face chooses to use the blunt-force option in their escape plan. Mashing the accelerator to the floor, she aims the rented Mercury Comet towards the gate and achieves ramming speed. The gate gives, then falls with a shriek of tortured metal as the sedan thunders through like it’s namesake. Kill-Face steers the twisted wreck out onto the street and, through sheer determination and momentum slides the wrecked car into an alley, where the Runners ditch it. IronSight provides a finishing touch, lighting the car on fire as they leave, and continue pursuit of Chernenko.

Through some good luck, a fast BART train to San Leandro, and a heavy bribe to a willing cabbie, the Runners have managed to beat Chernenko to the Apartment Complex by about two minutes (learned from a quick read of the Nightsky’s GPS). The Runners are now in among the parked cars outside of the complex, and their next move is ready to be made..

Screamsheet Headline Stories

Bay-Metro Tribune-Chronicle


CalFree Troop Levels Increase Along Disputed Zone

by Saffron Indigo

The California Free State Amy 1st Combined Arms Brigade was deployed along the Southern border of the CalFree/Tir Tairngire Disputed Zone this past weekend. The Brigade’s commander, General Roberta W. Charleston was given command of the Disputed Zone Region, responsible now for 12,000 troops with full Armor and Air Support elements in defense of the California Free State Border and enforcing the CalFree claims of territory north to Yreka. The escalation of troop levels is being called a “necessary reinforcement” following the 2070 standoff.

“It was only through the fast thinking and decisive action of our Disputed Zone Garrison that the 2070 standoff was not the 2070 Invasion of the California Free State.”, states Presidential Press Secretary Thanh Yin-Wei.

“The First Combined Arms Brigade is the result of 19 Months of hard work, in recruitment, training, and supply. The First is an example of California Free State’s continued commitment to protecting her own borders and dedication to fielding a National Defense equal to any Nation or Megacorporation in the World.”

The increased Military Presence along the Disputed Zone has caused a stir of controversy both within the California Free State and its neighbors. Tir Tairngire’s Golden Forest Barony released a statement this morning, calling the deployment “provocative” and “counter to the interests of finally establishing a permanent border between Tir Tairngire and the California Free State.”

The Combined Arms Brigades part of a new Defense Strategy developed by Defense Secretary Orville A. Carr and ordered by the President through Executive Order 70-233. Development of a Second Combined Arms Brigade continues at Presidio of Monterey. The 2nd Combined Arms Brigade is scheduled to be ready for deployment by August 2073.


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