Shadows over San Francisco Bay

Back In the Game

Returning to the Shadows after a year


On the Run Part 1


Hai-iro Usagi

Following months of sporadic, unsatisfying and ultimately unprofitable work, Kill-Face, Ravensight, and Hai-iro Usagi finally get the call they’ve been waiting for. Oilslick has lined up a job for them, and some new runners in the sprawl. Spark, an Ork Street Samurai, Override, an Ork Hacker, and Uluru, a Dwarf Shaman. Promising an opportunity for some of the runners to begin rebuilding their reputation, and for others to lay the foundation of their own street Legends.

Oilslick instructed the runners to meet with Mister Johnson at the INFINITY club at 2100 hours later that same evening. Dress like they know what they’re doing, and by all means, be professional. After all, there are only first impressions, and Oilslick has his own image to worry about. The meeting went off with a minimum of hassle, despite Override attempting to attend remotely through the Matrix, but it was a minor faux-pas.

Mister Johnson has instructed the Shadowrunners to track down and acquire a very old optical disk with musical data of which his client is interested. He has offered the runners ¥10,000, half in advance and half upon delivery of the disk and the data. Johnson emphasized the importance of returning with both the disk and the data, and furthermore ensure that any copies of the data would be destroyed.

The excitement began after, as the runners began their legwork to uncover leads to the mysterious disk. Spark while swinging by the safehouse where he stashed his Ingram Smartgun before the meeting at the Infinity, encountered a half-dozen members of the Harpers go-go-go gang, who were also using the safehouse. Spark, with the assistance of Override and Kill-Face made a (non-lethal) example of the Elf Gangers, and while still causing an immediate and aggressive reaction from Knight-Errant (Knight-Errant tends to take a dim view of exploding Motorcycles in the AA rated SOMA neighborhood), came away unscathed and clean.

After the excitement, the legwork paid off, and the runners uncovered a name associated with the disk, an Ork rocker that goes by the handle Nabo.


SuperPheemy SuperPheemy

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