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Your title here…NABO returns to his roots with a Hardcore FFZ Concert in SOUTH OAKLAND

by Razordredd

Nabo, the slot-and-run GobMetal hero of the Oakland Sprawl has broken through to the Luxury Suite chummers! The former Black Fang sprawlgang soldier broke free from the gravity well of the Oakland Sprawl Barrens, and howled his way onto a railgun-fast suborbital track to fame, fortune, and Obsidian-Class Suites.

To thank the sprawlmasses who chipped his music, Nabo is holding a concert somewhere in the South Oakland Zone. We’re talking Gamma Ray Intensity and Subzero Chill, shadowbabies. South Oakland is Free Fire, and most definitely not for Telegraph Hill Arcoexecs. Nabo is not “respectable music”, Nabo is REAL, downtown, harsh, urban violent, Kamikaze-straight-to-the-heart in your ears.

Nabo’s South Oakland Storm is gonna hit on Friday. That’s 16JUN2073! Nabo’s world tour begins at Danzigwand in the Köln Sprawl, Germany on 24JUN2073, Tickets are sold-out, but we know there are still ways to make this last, greatest CFS Concert before Nabo suborbitals his way around the globe for the rest of the year. Break your piggybanks, this concert won’t be Barrens-cheap, but it will be plasma-carved into GobMetal Legend. You don’t want to frag-up and miss this!

Chip-Truth Chummers!


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