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CalFree Troop Levels Increase Along Disputed Zone

by Saffron Indigo

The California Free State Amy 1st Combined Arms Brigade was deployed along the Southern border of the CalFree/Tir Tairngire Disputed Zone this past weekend. The Brigade’s commander, General Roberta W. Charleston was given command of the Disputed Zone Region, responsible now for 12,000 troops with full Armor and Air Support elements in defense of the California Free State Border and enforcing the CalFree claims of territory north to Yreka. The escalation of troop levels is being called a “necessary reinforcement” following the 2070 standoff.

“It was only through the fast thinking and decisive action of our Disputed Zone Garrison that the 2070 standoff was not the 2070 Invasion of the California Free State.”, states Presidential Press Secretary Thanh Yin-Wei.

“The First Combined Arms Brigade is the result of 19 Months of hard work, in recruitment, training, and supply. The First is an example of California Free State’s continued commitment to protecting her own borders and dedication to fielding a National Defense equal to any Nation or Megacorporation in the World.”

The increased Military Presence along the Disputed Zone has caused a stir of controversy both within the California Free State and its neighbors. Tir Tairngire’s Golden Forest Barony released a statement this morning, calling the deployment “provocative” and “counter to the interests of finally establishing a permanent border between Tir Tairngire and the California Free State.”

The Combined Arms Brigades part of a new Defense Strategy developed by Defense Secretary Orville A. Carr and ordered by the President through Executive Order 70-233. Development of a Second Combined Arms Brigade continues at Presidio of Monterey. The 2nd Combined Arms Brigade is scheduled to be ready for deployment by August 2073.


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