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Goldman announces candidacy for Free Republic Party Nomination

by Trey Zpydyr

Tribune-Chronicle Political Analyst

Local Media Personality and former Child-Actor Cary Goldman announced his candidacy for the Free Republic Party nomination for President of California Free State this afternoon during an interview with Sabrina Fawxx on her interview trid “Fawxxy ‘Trix”.

Fawxx: Hoi and Welcome to the Program Cary. I understand you have a special announcement today.

Goldman: Indeed I do Sabrina. I, Cary Goldman am officially announcing my candidacy for President of California Free State on the Free Republic Party ticket! Our nation has been through a difficult Genesis; abandoned, attacked, and occupied. Now, President Ortiz and her heir apparent, Vice President August Chandler are leading us towards a renewed conflict with Tir Tairngire. CalFree has proven herself strong already, we do not need to distract ourselves from the work of forging a new national identity with saber-rattling and troop deployments. California is the Golden State! Here, we can rebuild industry and an economy that can lead the world! Chip-Truth. Just read your history. This nation is the birthplace of the Matrix, of Aerospace, of Dreams. That is our destiny, our calling. To lead the world. Petty border squabbles are beneath us.

Fawxx: How about the Japanese Imperial State? Many Californians still bear resentment over the Occupation and Keiji Saito’s attempted coup. Especially the Metahuman community.

Goldman: Being a Dwarf myself I experienced my own share of Yamato Ideal discrimination. But I feel I must stress the difference between the actions of Saito, especially his November 2061 coup attempt, and the actions of the Diet, which negotiated in good faith a peaceful withdrawal earlier that same year.

Fawxx: So you hold the JIS blameless for 30 years of occupation?

Goldman: Of course not! And I wholly support the grievances forwarded by the California Free State against the Japanese Imperial State. The JIS should rightly be held accountable for their part in the Occupation, but there comes a point where the actions of an individual, when condemned by all sides in a dispute, become the responsibility of that individual. I won’t burden the Japanese Imperial State, Renraku, Mitsuhama, or any of the Japanese Megacorps with the sins of Keiji Saito.

Fawxx: What is your vision of the future of the California Free State?

Goldman: It will be brighter. Californians have a long tradition of being independent, visionary, and entrepreneurial. When that spirit is allowed to flourish, California leads the world. When it’s stifled, California suffers. A whole Generation of Californians have grown up with their hands tied. I want to free them from that. Our Economy and our Industry needs a jumpstart, and I intend to apply the cables.

Fawxx: It’s hard to believe this is all coming from “Truman”.

Goldman: “Truman” was a long time ago, Sabirna. We’ve all grown up since then, we’ve had good times and bad, and we’ve learned from them. Truman used to say “You can trust me” for laughs. Cary Goldman is saying “You can trust me” for a reason. The California Free State can trust me. I’ll prove it, every day I’m in office I’ll earn California’s trust.

Fawxx: Looks like the Election is going to be another California Original! Thank you for coming on the show Cary.

Vice President Chandler made the following statement later in the day;

It is always refreshing to see new faces arrive in our political system. I welcome Mister Goldman and applaud his obvious civic pride and generous spirit in seeking to serve his country. I would like to make one thing clear, that Mister Goldman may not be aware of yet. I am no “heir apparent” to the California Sovereignty Party’s Presidential ticket, nor have I announced my candidacy. With tensions in the Disputed Zone higher than any point since the Tir Tairngire Invasion of 2036, negotiations with the Corporate Court re-establishing California’s Trade Rights, and the continued aftermath of the Crash of ‘64 and the Ring of Fire Quakes of ‘69, my job is simply too busy to allow me the luxury of starting a Presidential Campaign two years early.

If and when I do decide to run for our highest office, it will be as a candidate. One of what I hope to be several qualified individuals in the California Sovereignty Party that the voting public will choose from to lead us beyond 2074 and into the future.

Vice President Chandler declined any further comment on the issue, and rushed to board California Free 2 for a 10 day diplomatic trip to the Canton Confederation, the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, and Taiwan.


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