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Commuter Vanishes From BART in Grizzly Peak Tunnel. Sixth Since 01JAN

by Jesse Duke

The Bay Metro Area Rapid Tranit system has seen its share of urban crime and urban legend in its long and storied history. In the Sixth World, even the previously supernatural and impossible have become rather mundane. (Remember the pack of Ghouls prowling the line from Hayward to Colma three years ago?) It seems everyone who rides the trains have their share of stories about muggings, fights, and Prophets preaching to nobody and everyone at once. Yet there are still those stories that have no explanations yet.. even Awakened explanations. They remain stories heard from a friend of a friend whose cousin witnessed it. This story has a little of each of these elements.

What is known is that the victims are real. Security trideo footage clearly shows each of them riding the train as it enters the Grizzly Peak Tunnel. In each case, the security feed goes dark somewhere in the tunnel and when the feed comes back, the victims were gone. Attempts to discover what happened, or even find trace of the victims. Eyewitness accounts from the streetfolk who ride the trains from morning till night describe a monster that walks through the walls, seizing it’s victims and carrying them off. Physical descriptions vary, likely colored by their need for attention or BTL and Drug induced hallucinations. Whatever it is, after six months, despite Knight-Errant BART division’s public relation’s efforts a new term is being whispered among the commuter crowds riding the train between Rockridge and Orinda.

“Haunted Tunnel”.


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