Tall, thin, handsome and sometimes a bit sticky


Name: Gravestone

Race: Human Age: 25 Height: 6’0” Weight: 155lbs.

Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue


B A R S C I L W Edg Ess Mag Init(Astral) IP(Astral)
2 2 2 2 5 4 2 5 2 6 5 6(8) 1(3)

Active Skills

Assensing: 2, Astral Combat: 3, Conjuring Group: Banishing, Binding, and Summoning: 4, Sorcery Group: Counterspelling, Ritual Spellcasting, and Spellcasting: 5, Influence Group: Con, Etiquette, Leadership, and Negotiation: 3, Shadowing: 1, Infiltration: 1, Pistols: 1(Revolvers:3), Clubs: 1(Staff: 3), Dodge: 1


San Francisco/Bay Area Knowledge: 2, Underworld Politics: 2, World History: 2, Comparative Religion: 2, English: N, Japanese: 2, Sperethiel: 2

Positive Qualities

First Impression, Focused Concentration(1), Magician, Mentor Spirit(Dark Goddess): +2 Dice Combat & Healing spells

Negative Qualities

Bad Luck, Sensitive System


Dr. John Dee, Talismonger, 3/3 Oilslick, Fixer, 3/3

Magical Gear Force 5 Lodge


Black Magic: Spirits: Combat-Fire, Detection-Water, Health-Earth, Illusion-Air, Manipulation-Man Resist Drain: Willpower+ Charisma

Commlink: Fairlight Caliban, Response: 4, Signal: 5; Operating System: Novatech Navi, Firewall: 3, System: 4


Ruger Super Warhawkw/smartgun system(50 rounds each of APDS & Flechette), 4 speedloaders, Recor Sting, Defiance EX Shocker, Knife, Staff


subvocal microphone, Fake SIN, Clergy license(Level 6), Rating 4 glasses w/flare compensation, imagelink, smartlink, and vision magnification(50x), glue sprayer, trauma patch, stimulant patch(level 6), Antidote patch(level 6), flashlight, microflare launcher


Lined coat w/ level 6 chemical protection, fire resistance, insulation, non-conductivity & thermal damping


Acid Stream, Manabolt, Heal, Armor, Influence, Shapechange, Orgasm, Orgy

Lifestyle/Finances: Low lifestyle(5mo. Paid), 1050 nuyen


The man calling himself Nicholas Graves is apparently from some South Bay shithole reeking of garlic and perchlorate. The major cities adapted readily enough to the two crashes and the revolutions of technology, magic and goblinization, but the more rural areas didn’t , and many communities slid back to a medieval mindset in which stranger equaled danger and home rule and self-sufficiency were the watchwords to live by. Nicholas Graves studied under the local hedge wizard, learning the age- old tradition of the black arts and the names of the dark powers that governed the practice of those arts. Graves quickly surpassed his teacher and set out in search of knowledge and the power that issues from it. Making his way to the wannabe city of San Jose he has been learning what he can from other mages and has reached a plateau. Further advancement will take money, lots of money, and to earn that kind of cash means jobs too big for one man. To that end, he has been looking for like-minded people with complementary skills to run the shadows with.


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