Human Mystic Gunslinger Adept


RACE: Human

AGE: 35 (Birthdate: 22OCT2036) Gender: Male

Height: 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)

Weight: 82kg (180 lbs)

Eyes: Blue Hair: Grey (with some Brown Left)



Pistols (Revolvers +2) 5(7); Arcana 1; Astral Combat 1; Assensing 2; Spellcasting 4; Gymnastics 2; Infiltration 2; Shadowing 1; Etiquette 1


Sprawlgangs 2; Safe Houses 2; San Francisco Sprawl Street Knowledge 2; Classical Music 3; Spanish N; English 2; Japanese 1; Chinese 1; Pistol Design 3; Local San Francisco Dive Bars 2; Urban Brawl 3


Ambidextrous; Focused Concentration


Nathan Brimstone (Knight-Errant Hacker) (Connection 4/ Loyalty 4); Oilslick (Connection 2/ Loyalty 2)


Astral Perception; Improved Ability: Pistols (2)


Flame Thrower; Analyze Truth; Light; O2 Generation


Mystic Adept; Combat (Fire); Detection (Air); Health (Man); Illusion (Water); Manipulation (Earth); Drain (Willpower + Logic)


Erika Elite running Magnadyne Deva OS (Response 3, Signal 4, System 2, Firewall 3); Browse 2, Edit 2, Analyze 2


Streetline Special (Internal Smart System); Hidden Holster for Streetline Special; 2x Ares Preadator IV Heavy Pistols (Internal Smart System); 2x Quickdraw Holsters for Preadators; Ruger Super Warhawk Heavy Revolver (Internal Smart System, Speed Loader); Armor Clothing; Lined Coat; Electronic Paper; Micro Tranceiver (Rating 3); AR Glasses (Rating 4; Smart System, Image Link); Flashlight; 4 spare clips for Preadator IV; 20 rounds regular Hold Out Ammunition; 10 rounds explosive Heavy Pistol Ammunition; 90 Rounds regular Heavy Pistol Ammunition


IronSight has a bullet scar on his left cheek and a burn scar on his right arm.

IronSight was born near the Northern Tip of Evergreen in the San Jose Sprawl to his parents, Maria and Kazuyoshi. For the first years of his life he lived in a bubble enjoying all that life and his parents could give him, all that even as a small child, he felt he deserved. One night, not long after his twelfth birthday He was riding with his parents and younger sister home, after a family dinner out on the town. His father had a prosperous year as Senior Engineer of Mitsuhama Motors and had decided to treat his family to real food in Los Gatos. As the family drew near their home, a loud bang rang out from the sidewalk. Instantly the car began to spin as IronSights father fell limp against the steering wheel. The auto-steering corrected itself, and with no automatic destination coded in, the car came to a halt. Two men dressed in the Security uniforms of the local area approached the car with guns drawn. One pulled open the passenger door and pulled IronSight’s mother from her seat, Shaking and screaming, the second man silenced his mother as siren’s started to ring in the distance. With the two men momentarily distracted IronSight leapt from the car and dashed into the nearest alley, bullets tearing after him cutting into his dress coat and cutting a line on his cheek. The men pulled IronSight’s father’s body from the car and dove into the seats, slamming on the gas to escape security…

But the security patrol never came. IronSight laid shivering in the cold of the dank alley, staring at the two lifeless shadows that were his parents, waiting for help to come for hours, silently crying.

As daylight glinted the horizon a car screeched to a halt in the middle of the street, disturbing what little rest IronSight’s body forced him to get. Out of the car stepped a man, he held himself like a Knight Errant Officer but didn’t dress like one. He reached down and inspected the bodies, then tapped his comm and muttered a few words. As IronSight tried to get a closer look he slipped on the box he was standing on and knocked over a trash can. As the familiar wail of a siren returned, the man slowly approached IronSight’s hiding spot. As a Knight Errant cruiser pulled up the man coaxed IronSight out, introducing himself to the boy.

The man was a security guard, but not local. He had been returning to his home in Berryessa after a night’s work. He decided to bring the boy with him and adopt him into his family. For years after the incident, IronSight wouldn’t speak, no one uttered his name long enough, that even he forgot what it was, but more surprisingly to him, no one ever came looking for him, no family, no co-workers of his father, no one from his old life. He quickly developed a knack for machinery. Tied with his reclusive nature, IronSight “borrowed” his father’s service pistol for hours at a time taking it apart and putting it back together. One day he found something unusual in it, a single loaded shell. With the weapon half open he pulled the trigger on the gun, the resulting flash left a burn mark on his inner arm, and a hole in the wall that would never be patched.

His step-brother Nathan Brimstone kept an eye on him from the shadows. Despite being several years younger than IronSight, Brimstone had a natural affinity for computers and technology. In his teens he built his own short range comm, as his father said they had no money to purchase one, and his mother said it would be too dangerous. As he became more and more intrigued by his brother, he developed a second comm for IronSight, this variant had a much greater range, but couldn’t interface with other devices as easily. Using their own personal hardware, IronSight found the one other person he could really trust in Brimstone, and the two began performing extremely low grade runs as delivery boys.

One night while on a simple run, IronSight recieved a random message from what appeared to be Brimstone. It was a file that contained security footage of the night of his parent’s murder. Shortly after, he recieved the file his comm died, and with it the vast majority of the Matrix in the great 2064 crash.

In 2071 IronSight returned to the Bay Metro to find things a touch different from what he remembered. Brimstone was now working for Knights Errant, and the second couple he called parents had both died of old age. As he regained communication with his old friend, he realized if he was to find the answers he was looking for, he’d have to stay in the shadows, doing what jobs he needed to get by, hoping that the next person that tasted their end at the blast of his pistols was responsible for his parents death.


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