Joey is the leader of the Billy Goats, a Troll Sprawlgang in the Free Fire Zone of Alviso



B A R S C I L W Ess Init IP
10 4 3 10 3 3 3 4 6 6 1


Close Combat (Blades, Clubs, Unarmed Combat) 4; Etiquette (Street +2) 3; Firearms (Automatics, Longarms, Pistols) 3; Intimidation 3; Pilot Ground Craft (Bike +2) 2; Running 3; Shadowing 4; Survival (Urban +2) 2; Street Pushers 2; Gang ID 4; Gang Turf 5; Alviso Area Knowledge 2; Urban Brawl Statistics 3; English N; Spanish 2

QUALITIES Guts; Home Ground (Alviso Turf); Toughness; Scorched (Jazz); Uneducated; Dermal Armor (1/1); Thermographic Vision

GEAR Leather Jacket (2/2); Ares Preadator IV; Knife; Club


Joey is the leader of the Billy Goats Sprawlgang that runs in the Alviso Free Fire Zone in the San Jose Sprawl. Until recently the Billy Goats were a minor neighborhood gang of Troll teens and their Girlfriends and hangers-on. They had a rivalry with the better equipped Obsidian Jaguars and kept a stalemate through little more than Troll size and stubbornness. A recent encounter with Kill-Face, IronSight, and Ravensight changed that when the Shadowrunners convinced Joey to help them eliminate the Obsidian Jaguars from the neighborhood. Joey realizes this is a golden opportunity for his gang, and is taking full advantage of the victory over his rivals, the new turf, and his new “friends”.


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