An Ork Street-Shaman following Raven's Totem



AGE: 16 (Birthdate: 04JUL2056) Gender: Female

Height: 167 cm (5ft 6in)

Weight: 61 kg (135 lbs)

Eyes: Green Hair: Black


B A R S C I L W Edg Ess Mag Init (Astral) IP (Astral)
4 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 2 6 5 7 (8) 1 (3)


Assensing 3; Banishing 2; Binding 3; Dodge 2; Infiltration 3; Palming 1; Perception 2; Sorcery 3 (Counterspelling, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting); Summoning 5; Survival (Urban +2) 1


Goblin Rock 2; Local Charity Shelters 4; Local Area Knowledge (Central South Oakland) 4; Magical Theory 5; Safe Houses 4; Spirits 5; Public Transportation 4; Gardening 3


Mentor Spirit (Raven); Magician


Squatter (Connection 1/ Loyalty 2); Oilslick (Connection 2/ Loyalty 2)


Magical Lodge Materials (Rating 5)


Leather Jacket; Medkit (Rating 4); Gas Mask; Goggles (Rating 1 with Image Link); Survival Knife


MetaLink running Vector Xim OS (Response 1, Signal 2, Firewall 1, System 1) Analyze 1; Browse 1; Command 1; Edit 1


Shaman; Combat (Beasts); Detection (Water); Health (Earth); Illusion (Air); Manipulation (Man); Drain (Willpower + Charisma)



Confusion; Heal; Improved Invisibility; Manabolt; Levitate; Magic Fingers; Mana Barrier; Physical Barrier; Turn to Goo


Some people live on the streets. Some people live by the streets. Ravensight knows the streets the way others might know an old friend; an old friend who grants her favors.

Born and raised in the violent and lawless region of South Central Oakland, Ravensight has grown into the consumate urban survivor. Her rare connection with the “Soul of the Street” as she likes to put it, has seen her through some nasty situations and given her a free pass to lift items from a few people with too much money and not enough security.

Eventually, her special brand of home invasion and shoplifting got her the attention of certain anonymous parties willing to pay large sums of money for her to use her talents on their behalf against bigger targets with better loot. No doubt her new employers are more rich bastards with too much money and not enough sense, but as long as the money stays good and they don’t set her up, she’ll gladly help the fools steal from each other.

Random Trait Notes:

Physical: Ork: grows up fast. Grayish brown skin, Flat nose, full lips, somewhat heavy brow, Hair back in a dreadlock ponytail.
Green eyes. Moderate sunlight allergy. Athletic build(more muscle than the average human woman). She wears a long leather
jacket with many pockets, tank top, baggy pants and very well worn name brand boots.

Social: Big family. Many siblings. Poor: lives in small broken down gutted projects.
Some of the homeless owe her favors. Local area is mostly lawless. No formal education. Resentful of the rich and well off.
To her, more so-called civilized areas are pretentious and fake.

Psychological: Subject to influence from the nature of the Raven: Urge to profit from the misfortune of others
Can manifest as: kleptomania, extreme selfishness. Proud of her ability to survive in the lawless streets.
Assertive and unwilling to back down.


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