Tag: mafia


  • Organized Crime

    The Bay Metro is a center of Organized Crime in CalFree. Because of the long Japanese Occupation under General Saito, the Inagawa-kai Yakuza family runs most of the organized crime rackets through the [[Kinirokuma-rengo]] clan. The Yakuza control extends …

  • Bruno Lanza

    Bruno is a soldier in the Lanza crime family. He's a Made Man, and is sworn to the Mob. Currently he's part of Leo "The Mane" Cerutti's crew.

  • Eddie Edwards

    Eddie came up with Enzo Lanza, and when Enzo became Don of the Lanza Family 15 years ago, Eddie was named Consiglieri. Eddie's not Italian so he can never be a member of the Mafia. But as Consiglieri he has a certain amount of distance and neutrality to …

  • Kill-Face

    Born to human parents, Kill-Face was always the odd one out, what with being an Ork and all. An only child, Kill-Face grew up much the lone wolf. She considers her real name an embarrassment and the only person to date who knows her real name is her …