Irasshaimase! Sushi Bar

Irasshaimase is a small Neo-Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar on Treasure Island. It’s open almost every day (indeed it is very rare that the place is ever closed for a whole day) from 11:30 AM till 2:30 AM. Most of it’s clientèle are busy Corporate Professionals ducking in and out at all hours to slow down for a half-hour to treat themselves to a bite, some tea, and maybe sake. It’s late night hours bring in a different sort of customer. An eclectic bunch of regulars who seem to have a fond affection towards the little joint, and it’s owner Angelo Kiyotsune.

Angelo is the son of Mario and Choko Kiyotsune and was born just before the Awakening in 2011. He inherited his father’s Italian Restaraunt “Benvenuti” in 2041 during the Occupation. Angelo decided to sell the place and open a new Restaurant to cater to the cultural shift coming out of both the Provisional Government and the Japanese Corporate community. Thus Irassahimase! was born.

The Place seats about two dozen, and has a small bar that can squeeze in another 6 (unless there’s trolls in the place, in which case assume 1 Troll = 2 smaller diners). The menu features good nutrisoy noodles and rice, and high quality mycoprotien fish, beef, pork and chicken. Angelo imports “special” sake and plum wine from Japan. As a tribute to his father, Angelo maintains “Mario’s Menu” which features a small selection of dishes from the old Benvenuti restaraunt.

Irasshaimase! Staff
  • Angelo Kiyotsune (owner and head Sushi Chef)
  • Goro Shimizu (Assistant Sushi Chef – Day Shift; Aiko’s Brother)
  • Aiko Shimizu (Assistant Sushi Chef – Night Shift; Goro’s Sister)
  • Rory Kurita (Assistant Sushi Chef – Part time; works Tuesday through Thursday dinner rush)
  • Thenidiel Smallwaters (Cashier and head Waitress – Day Shift; Elf)
  • Brandy Wilson (Cashier and Waitress – Night Shift)
  • Fredo Tomasso (Part Time Waiter)
  • Shin Arisaka (Part Time Waiter)
  • Raijin (Bouncer and Dishwasher – Night Shift; Troll)
  • Reflex (Part Time Waiter – Full time Hacker)

Irasshaimase! Sushi Bar

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