Local AA Megacorporations

Gyfy – With a nonsense word for a name (pronounced GIF-fee) Gyfy manages the largest “Matrix Consumption Service” in the world. The Gyfy Service is free to all users and provides simple, intuitive tools for scanning Matrix Media, building and maintaining personal and professional relationship networks, designing personalized personas and nodes, playing games, efficiently managing a personal workflow, maintaining personal calenders, and hundreds of other applications, conveniences, and wastes-of-time. Gyfy generates profit through a combination of licensing for their service to third party developers, advertising, and data mining of personal information from their users (sometimes hidden in terms like “customized user experience” and “enhanced account management”). While the service isn’t very popular with the SINless due to its invasive nature, it remains a worldwide staple for middle-class citizens throughout the Corporate World.

Gyfy maintains offices in every major sprawl throughout the world, but it’s World Headquarters remains in the Gyfy Corporate Arcology within the San Jose Sprawl.

MA/Namcom – A Matrix Gaming Giant, MA/Namcom owns three of the most popular Matrix gaming franchises of all time. Between “Coach Lurtz’ Urban Brawl” (now in it’s 25th season), “Egos” (the only pre-Awakening game francise remaining in continuous production) now in it’s 50th edition with 40 expansions (the 41st expansion “Totems and Astral fun in production to be released in time for the holidays), and “Sprawl Fighter Omega Chrome Edition”, whose following has grown broad enough to spawn a Professional Sprawl Fighter League in the Matrix with worldwide popularity greater than any current live fighting sport.

MA/Namcom has development studios worldwide, but maintains a large Corporate Headquarters Arcology in the MA/Namcom Intersprawl Zone at Redwood Shores.

Local AA Megacorporations

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