Organized Crime

The Bay Metro is a center of Organized Crime in CalFree. Because of the long Japanese Occupation under General Saito, the Inagawa-kai Yakuza family runs most of the organized crime rackets through the Kinirokuma-rengo clan. The Yakuza control extends mostly to collecting money from other crimes in the Metro as “taxes” The cultural exclusivity of the Yakuza keeps the Kinirokuma-rengo from fully eliminating all rival organizations.

The Chinatown Zones remain independent of Yakuza control (a situation which has led to more than a few crime wars over the years). But the Triads have been in CalFree far longer than the Yakuza, and their roots in the Chinese community are deep. Each major sprawl has it’s own Chinatown, and each Chinatown has it’s own controlling Triad. In San Francisco, the dominant Triad is the venerable Wah Ching, whose control of the Chinatown underground gives it vast influence over the other Triads in the region. The Sung Lian Triad controls Oakland’s Chinatown, and the Four Seas Triad controls San Jose.

The Lanza Mafia family survives in the Metro by careful negotiation with the Kinirokuma-rengo. Enzo Lanza has survived his entire reign as Don by maintaining a good “working relationship” with the Oyabun of the Yakuza caln, Jinichi Tanaka. The strength of the Lanza position in the Metro comes from the simple fact that a war between the Mafia and Yakuza would result in both organizations attracting unwanted attention from the CalFree Government and the Corporations.

The Vory v Zakone are not as unified as the Lanza Family, being scattered throughout the Oakland Sprawl, the Intersprawl Zones, and the Marin Subsprawl. Kept out of San Francisco and San Jose by the Yakuza, the Vory still maintain their turf with typical displays of brutal, unforgiving violence. Still to spread out to fight against one another (or to truly unite into a single front for that matter), the Vory v Zakone syndicate consists of the Black Tide Bratva in San Leandro, the Svyaatoi Pavel Gang in Richmond, Kletka in San Quentin Penitentiary, the Dead Romanovs in the Freemont Intersprawl Zone, and the Iron Doorway in San Rafael.

Sprawlgangs abound in the Metro, especially the Intersprawl Zones. Their turf map is constantly changing through alliances, rivalries, war, and peace. In Oakland, most of the Sprawlgangs belong to either UNITY, or 510. San Jose is much more chaotic, with the Nortenos (Aztlan gangs), GOBRAZA (Ork and Troll gangs), the Sons of Mayhem (road gangs), the Iron League (Dwarf Gangs), and Fág An Bealach (Elven Gangs). In San Francisco, Fág An Bealach, UNITY, and Hunters’ Point control the Sprawlgang activity.

Organized Crime

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