The year is 2073. 62 years into the Sixth World.

The cities around San Francisco Bay have grown into an enormous three-sprawl Megalopolis.

San Francisco (Sprawling from the Golden Gate Bridge South to San Mateo)

Oakland (Sprawling from Richmond South to Hayward)

and San Jose (Covering the South Bay from Milpitas West to Palo Alto)

The Bay Metro (or more officially; the San Francisco Bay Metropolis) is the corporate and cultural center of the California Free State. It has a history that stretches back almost 300 years (by modern reckoning, the Ohlone tribes lived in this area for 1,000 years before Spain “discovered” them). All Major Mega-corporations maintain regional Headquarters here, and dozens of large local Corporations call the Bay Metro “home”.

San Francisco Bay is one of the three largest natural ports in the world. Shipping from everywhere comes through the Golden Gate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It’s a brilliant, dangerous, glorious, and dark place to live.

Just don’t call it “Frisco” you out-of-town drekhead.

Shadows over San Francisco Bay

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