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Useful external links to get you familiar with Shadowrun:

Shadowrun Universe
A good starting point for all sorts of General Information

The San Francisco Sprawl
Official setting history and game-related information.

California Free State
The Official setting history of the California Free State up until General Saito’s Overthrow.

Treaty of Denver
The Treaty which established the Foundation of the current political map of America North of Atzlan.

Great Ghost Dance
The event that established the Native American Nations as a national power in America.

Useful internal links for this particular campaign;

The Bay Metro
My vision of the Shadows in the San Francisco Bay.

Lifestyle and Sprawlzones
A short article on how to live life in the shadows.

SR Slang Glossary
Learn it, chummer. Slingin’ data, mana, and ammo don’t mean drek if you can’t fling the lingo.

The Second Rebirth
A description of the rebirth of many extinct or near-extinct Amerind Tribes after Goblinization in 2021, and some of their struggles.

AAA Megacorps in the Bay Metro
A list of where all the largest Megacorps make their homes in the Bay.

Local AA Megacorporations
A list of the AA Megacorps whose World Headquarters are in the Bay Metro.

Organized Crime
An intro to Organized Crime in the Bay Metro

Irasshaimase! Sushi Bar
A small Japanese Restaurant and Meeting Place.

A novahot nightclub in the SOMA South Zone of the San Francisco Sprawl.

Main Page

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